Azure Security Tutorial #5 – Create SQL Server Virtual Machine

From my previous blog, we had learn ow to create key vault.
Now, we learn about how to crate SQL Server Virtual Machine.
  1. Search ‘SQL Server 2016’ from Azure Marketplace

    NOTE: Make sure choose Developer Edition to mimize cost.


  2. click ‘Create’ to continuesqlvm

Create Virtual Machine wizard

  1. Basics
    Name VM disk type User Name Password Confirm Password Subscription Resource Group Location
    sqlserver### SSD azureadmin strongpassword strongpassword yoursubscription workshop-### West US


  2. SizeSelect size and click ‘Select’.sqlvm
  3. SettingsClick ‘Network Security Group (firewall)’.sqlvmSelect ‘None’. And click ‘OK’.sqlvm
  4. SQL Server settings
    • Click ‘Enable’.


    • Change login name as ‘sqladmin’. Password will be same as os admin.


    • Click ‘Azure Key Vault integration’ and click ‘Enable’ in the Azure Key Vault integration blade.


    • Copy Key Vault URL and spKey from your note and paste them to Key vault URL and Principal secret.
    • Type Principal name ‘securityworkshop###’. Please note, ### should be replaced into 3 digits.
    • Type ‘sqlCred’ in Credential name.


    Click ‘OK’ and click ‘OK’ in ‘SQL Server settings’ blade.

  5. SummaryClick ‘Create’. The vitual machine will be created within 11 minutes.sqlvm

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