Azure Security Tutorial #1 – Create Resource Group

if you forget the Scenario about this tutorial,please refer to my previous Blog.

Why we need to create resource group?

Because at the end of the tutorials, we can easily delete all the resources at the same time due and also easier for the admin migrate the resources in different Azure subscription.

Create resource group from Azure Portal

  • Click ‘+ new’ and search ‘Resource group’.

  • Click ‘Create’ button.

  • Type resource group name and location.
Name Subscription Location
workshop-### yoursubscription West US

  • Change ### to random 3 digit numbers. For example, name your resource group as ‘workshop-777’.
  • Subscription name can be different yours and above sample.
  • Choose locatoin close to your location.

In next tutorial , you will learn about How to create Virtual Network.

By Eng Soon Cheah , Microsoft MVP.

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