Artificial Intelligence


Cognitive Services Tutorial #6: Deploy the app to Azure

You will create an Azure Web App and deploy Intellipix to it using Git. Up to now, you have been running the app locally. Azure Web Apps support local Git …



Increase Memory Allocated to PHP in WordPress hosted on Microsoft Azure App Services on Linux

  “It became clear that we needed to support the Linux operating system, and we had already taken some rudimentary steps towards that with Azure.” This is what Satya Nadella, …



What is Microsoft Bot Framework?

Introduction to Chat Bot



Secure Azure Infra – 7.3: Assign Users and Roles to Resources

In this exercise we will create new Azure resources and assign direct (permanent) permissions. 1) Sign into the Azure Portal as the admin user (admin@<tenant> 2) Navigate to the resource group ‘Contoso-PaaS’ …

Secure Azure Infra – 7.2: Test PIM Access

Secure Azure Infra – 7.1: Enable and Configure PIM

Secure Azure Infra – 6:Securing Azure SQL

Secure Azure Infra – 5:Encrypting Virtual Machines